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A program for creating demos, tutorials and presentations
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I always wondered where demo versions came from. Now I can actually build them myself, and it turns out this is a more complex process than I thought. There are programs like Demo Builder to help with that.

Demo Builder is a nice-looking program with a professional interface that is simple at the same time. It provides access to various tools and features you can utilize in order to create a demonstration presentation, a tutorial or an interactive manual. Its most important element is a very simple video recorder that helps you capture the performance of any program in real time and in various definitions including HD. You can then edit the recorder video by adding virtual assistants that provide animated visualization to actions you describe in a demo, adding 3D effects like rotation, zooming, focus, etc. There is an extensive set of editing tools including characters, images, audio, animations, texts, interactive tools , etc. you can then export the video as a completed file.

Demo Builder is great in that it is both professional as an editor and simple as a program for people who want to help their business by creating a demonstration.

James Lynch
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